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Mayor Mike Duggan Discusses Flood Aid With Biden in a Midwest State

Mayor Mike Duggan Discusses Flood Aid With Biden in a Midwest State
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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan was this past Saturday with President Joe Biden at a cherry farm to discuss the recent flooding in our Midwest state. In several communities across the state, there has been damage from the flooding of last weekend. In fact, in some sections of the region, there has been much as 7 inches of rain over a 12-hour period. It occurred between the night of June 25 and the morning of June 26. Moreover, it prompted an emergency declaration from Governor Gretchen Whitmer that will be in place until July 24.

Declaration of Disaster

In fact, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is seeking a presidential declaration of disaster. This, moreover, would require a review by the Federal Emergency Management Authority. The purpose is to evaluate whether disaster conditions, do, in fact, exist. Next, President Joe Biden will make the final decision.

Mayor Mike Duggan has to Really Drive Home the Point of the Floods

Showing Biden pictures of the terrible impact of the flood in our area and asking for help is key according to Duggan. Moreover, he does understand the urgency and has committed his team to move as fast as legally possible. This is in a regard to the presidential disaster declaration review when he receives the legal request from the state.

Mayor Mike Duggan and President Joe Biden are Very Close in Mutually Beneficial Ways

Friends and political allies are what characterizes the connection between Biden and Duggan. This was during the Obama administration. The then-vice president started to pay visits to Detroit. Then help steer some president federal aid to the

Biden and Duggan became friends and political allies during the Obama administration when the then-vice president paid visits to Detroit and helped steer some existing federal aid to the financially strapped city before and after it had to declare it the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy.

President Joe Biden is Determined to Help the People of Michigan

“In fact, the president is trying to make it apparent to his team that he wants to do everything in his power to help the people of Michigan. They have, in fact, suffered from this devastating flood,” the mayor said.

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