Valeo Body Ball (55 cm)

Buy Valeo Body Ball (55 cm)

Strengthen your core, advance your posture, and adore your exercise accepted with the Valeo 55-Centimeter Anatomy Ball. The brawl comes with a bank blueprint illustrating a step-by-step exercise affairs for accessible acquirements and with a high-volume air pump so it is accessible to aerate and collapse the ball. Exercise ball. Includes a bank blueprint illustrating step-by-step exercise affairs and a aerial aggregate air pump. Whether you use your anatomy brawl for specific exercises, as a board armchair alternative, or for stretching, you are abiding to adore the high-quality architecture and abundant achievement of the Valeo Anatomy Ball.

  • Ball provides a low-impact and highly effective method for strengthening your core abdominal and lower back muscles
  • Ball offers a wide range of functions: desk chair, training ball, and baby bouncer
  • Valeo 55 Centimeter Body Ball comes with a wall chart illustrating a step-by-step exercise program and a high-volume air pump
  • 55-centimeter model is the optimum size for users 4-feet, 11-inches to 5-feet, 3-inches tall
  • Sturdy rubber ball cleans easily and is stable for exercises

When acclimated with specific exercises, anatomy assurance can advice advance your amount strength, balance, and coordination. Anatomy assurance can activate advantageous beef growth, advance agility, and access your adaptability so your anatomy and joints abide anatomic and safe from injury. With contest as simple as sitting on the brawl and bouncing lightly, amount backbone is developed as your anatomy charge always acquisition and advance balance. Anatomy assurance additionally advice you acquisition and advance a aloof lumbar back position, allowance to affluence lower-back affliction and advance bigger posture. From alone sitting on the ball, to afterward the step-by-step contest on the illustrated chart, the Valeo Anatomy Brawl will become an basic allotment of your fettle routine.

Designed to be acclimated by individuals from 4-feet, 11-inches to 5-feet, 3-inches tall, the abiding brawl has a 55-centimeter diameter. The brawl is accessible to aerate and collapse with the included air pump for accumulator and portability. The brawl is accessible to apple-pie with warm, bubbling baptize and a bendable cloth. Valeo has been developing fettle articles of uncompromising affection and amount back 1988, and the 55-Centimeter Anatomy Brawl Kit is no barring to this standard.

How to Size a Anatomy Brawl for Your Height

General acme guidelines: Match the brawl to your height–the taller you are, the bigger the exercise ball. Here are some apart guidelines:

  • 55 centimeter ball: 4 feet, 11 inches to 5 anxiety 3 inches
  • 65 centimeter ball: 5 feet, 4 inches to 5 anxiety 10 inches
  • 75 centimeter ball: 5 anxiety 11 inches and up

Follow the 90-degree rule: When you are built-in on the brawl with your anxiety collapsed on the floor, your achievement and knees should anatomy a 90 amount bend with one another.

Consider your own anatomy and how you intend to use the ball: If you are abreast a acme division, accede the breadth of your legs, as able-bodied as how you plan to use the ball. For example, if you intend to exercise while continuing up or lying on your back, the abate brawl may assignment better, while the beyond brawl may assignment bigger for sitting on the it.

What’s in the Box?

Valeo 55-centimeter anatomy ball, bank chart, air pump.

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