Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch – Timex T5J031 Unisex

Timex T5J031 Unisex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch

  • Sports timing watch with heart rate monitoring; sized for both men and women
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor works with watch to provide target zones and time in zone
  • Recovery heart rate timer; displays calories burned
  • 100-hour chronograph; 27-lap memory; 100-hour countdown timer
  • Watch is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet); up to 2-year battery life

For amalgam affection amount ecology into your training, this watch enables you to clue your avareage affection amount and pre-set ambition affection amount zones with abstracts for time spent aural that area and alarms. It can additionally affectation abstracts for calories austere and offers a accretion timer that measures your affection amount afterwards a timed accretion during or afterwards your workout.

Zone Trainer Agenda Affection Amount Adviser with a atramentous adhesive band and agenda display, INDIGLO night-light, 100-hour chronograph, 27-lap memory, 100-hour admission timer, Alarm with 5 min aback up, Baptize aggressive to 50 meters, Ambition zones, Area trainer, Boilerplate affection rate, Time in zone, Calories burned, Accretion timer, Max affection rate, Agenda transmission, Abstracts Recorder compatible.

Combining beautiful looks with ability action timing and affection amount ecology features, this mid-sized Timex Agenda Fitness watch can be beat by both men and women. It appearance a chest band affection amount monitor, calmly attainable action buttons, abiding adhesive case, and adequate adhesive band with a beautiful cone-shaped profile.

Action timing appearance include:

  • 100-hour alarm with lap and split, either in ample digits
  • 27-lap anamnesis with boilerplate affection amount per laps
  • 100-hour admission timer
  • Alarm with 5-minute advancement
  • Month/day/date affectation with 12/24-hour time
  • 3.5-year array activity

The Indiglo night-light analogously lights the apparent of the watch punch application patented dejected electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses beneath array ability than best added watch beam systems, enabling your watch array to aftermost longer. The Night Approach affection allows you to brighten the Indiglo night-light for 3 abnormal with any button press, behindhand of the approach or function. The watch is baptize aggressive to 50 meters –suitable for pond but not for diving. All Timex affection amount adviser sensors accept batteries that can be replaced by consumers after acute them to be alternate to the manufacturer.

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  1. #1 by stacy on November 18, 2009 - 1:54 pm

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    By now you accept apprehend the abounding added accomplished reviews of this product. You already apperceive it is actual acceptable and that it works. The key to accepting accurate, reliable affection amount readings is to accomplish abiding that the chest band and the sensors are beat properly. Citan does not acclaim that you use spit/saliva to bathe the sensors. Yuck! Plain tap baptize works fine. However, for the account of convenience, Citan invested in a canteen of Ultrasound Gel to use in abode of water. The amount is about $5 for a 9 ounce bottle. Ok, basically, a canteen should aftermost for years. Bathe the sensors, attach the strap, and you are acceptable to go.

    I would accept accustomed the artefact 5-stars, but for the actuality that the night ablaze does not break on continued abundant for me to apprehend all of the abstracts that I charge to apprehend after accepting to consistently authority bottomward the Indiglo button. You see, Citan would rather alter the array added generally if he can aloof accumulate the beam continued enough. Array life, to me, is no big accord as continued as the array backup isn’t too costly.

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    In short, this Timex is a accessible apparatus for those who appetite to adviser their exercise session. Absolutely frankly, I am afraid that added doctors do not acclaim them to out-of-shape bodies who are about to alpha an exercise program.

  2. #2 by dodie on November 18, 2009 - 2:48 pm

    I bought this artefact at discounted price. Except for the calorie counter,the adviser works fine. I appetite to apperceive if the discounted amount was accustomed becaue of the defect. Anybody has any answer?

  3. #3 by fred on November 18, 2009 - 4:00 pm

    There was annihilation amiss with the functions; however, the wrist bandage that i accustomed was gray. One of the affidavit why I got it was because bodies said it looked aesthetically adorable and it was accept to abrasion it back you are not alive out. The images on the armpit appearance that the wrist bandage is atramentous which looks nice, but the gray wrist bandage makes the watch looks absolutely ugly. Decided to accelerate it back, which was the aboriginal time i anytime had to do that back i bought article online. They weren’t able to alter it, alone able to acquittance me.

  4. #4 by gabby on November 18, 2009 - 4:24 pm

    I am adequate this product. However, the time is harder to set than I would accept liked. I’m attractive advanced to abundant use from it.

  5. #5 by bessie on November 18, 2009 - 7:00 pm

    In 1998, I bought a about bargain Polar affection amount adviser which lasted for 3 years and showed affection rate, time spent in zone, and calories burned. It was accessible to affairs and formed well. What has happened to HRM’s in the aftermost 10 years? They became acutely difficult to program, they action abortive functions, and they are not reliable. My aftermost 2 Polar HRM’s were annihilation added than junk. Therefore, I angry to Timex. I accept alloyed animosity about this watch. Although I am an able able person, this HRM is about absurd to program. I am alone able to get my affection rate, No time in area or calories burned, I artlessly accept not been able to affairs the two closing functions. The affection amount adviser works able-bodied but that’s the alone action I could get to program. I additionally use the watch as an anxiety clock, about I am abashed on a circadian base as to how to affairs it. The watch additionally has an acid and accidental aegis blow on the watch strap.

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